From Mobile Phones to Supercomputers

By Robert Gelber

While almost every system on the Top500 list makes use of multicore CPUs, one supercomputing research team looks to buck that trend. Next month, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) will begin building the second prototype of their Mont-Blanc supercomputer, using NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processors, the same chips found on mobile devices.  In a Wired article published this week, Mont-Blanc project-lead Alex Ramirez talks about the work and what to expect from the from the new prototype system

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$10 million NSF Grant for Code Automation by nine universities and institutions

I found this news at HPC Wire. It sounds like an ambitious project but why don’t ? Really curious about how smart the developed tools will be. If it is successful, $10 million is quite cheap.

HOUSTON, TX, April 3 — Computer scientists from Rice University, the University of Pennsylvania and seven other institutions are teaming up to address one of the greatest ironies of the information age: While computers and robots have automated the manufacture of thousands of products, the software that allows them to do this is still written mostly by hand.

Armed with a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the researchers hope to create intelligent software agents — smart programs that can first observe and learn from human programmers and then help humans write code faster and with fewer errors. Based at Penn, the five-year effort is dubbed Expeditions in Computer Augmented Program Engineering, or ExCAPE. It is funded by the NSF’s Expeditions in Computing program, which supports ambitious research agendas that will define the future of computing.

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OpenMP Announces Improvements for Multicore and Accelerators

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., Mar 27 — OpenMP, the de-facto standard for parallel programming on shared memory systems, continues to extend its reach beyond pure HPC to include embedded systems, multicore and real time systems. A new version is being developed that will include support for accelerators, error handling, thread affinity, tasking extensions and Fortran 2003. The OpenMP consortium welcomes feedback from all interested parties and will use this feedback to improve the next version of OpenMP.

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How to set Apache start at boot time on Linux

If you feel lazy to restart the httpd service everytime your machine boot up, just do following simple steps:

  1. Enter below command to show the runlevel information of the httpd service
    chkconfig –list | grep httpd
  2. You get something like this:
    httpd 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:off 4:off 5:off 6:off
  3. Then, set up httpd to start at boot time.
    chkconfig httpd on
  4. Now to can verify by reviewing the runlevel information of the httpd service
    chkconfig –list | grep httpd
  5. Output should be.
    httpd 0:off 1:off 2:on 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off
  6. You’ve done !

If you just want to enable the servive for a certain runlevel (e.g. graphic mode or non graphic mode), you can use below command instead where 3 indicates the runlevel.

  • chkconfig –level 3 httpd

This method can be applied to enable/disable other services at boot time. So, to list available services on your machine, run the command:

  • chkconfig –list

Thanks for this simple solution.

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AMD Opens Up Heterogeneous Computing


HSA, which until recently was know as the Fusion architecture, is AMD’s platform design for integrating CPU and GPU cores onto the same chip. But HSA is more than AMD’s attempt to define an architecture for internal use, as was the case for Fusion. Rather HSA is an open specification that AMD wants the industry to adopt as the de facto platform for heterogenous computing…”

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DDN solutions now available through Penguin Computing

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced that Penguin Computing has signed an agreement to offer DDN’s award-winning suite of HPC and Big Data storage solutions to its global customer base. Effective immediately, customers will be able to source DDN products from Penguin Computing, including the SFA storage platforms, the GRIDScaler and EXAScaler parallel file storage systems, NAS Scaler, DDN’s enterprise scale-out NAS platform, and WOS, the company’s hyperscale object storage system.

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OpenCL Gains Ground On CUDA

As the two major programming frameworks for GPU computing, OpenCL and CUDA have been competing for mindshare in the developer community for the past few years. Until recently, CUDA has attracted most of the attention from developers, especially in the high performance computing realm. But OpenCL software has now matured to the point where HPC practitioners are taking a second look.

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