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OpenMP Announces Improvements for Multicore and Accelerators

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., Mar 27 — OpenMP, the de-facto standard for parallel programming on shared memory systems, continues to extend its reach beyond pure HPC to include embedded systems, multicore and real time systems. A new version is being developed that will include support for accelerators, error handling, thread affinity, tasking extensions and Fortran 2003. The OpenMP consortium welcomes feedback from all interested parties and will use this feedback to improve the next version of OpenMP.

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AMD Opens Up Heterogeneous Computing


HSA, which until recently was know as the Fusion architecture, is AMD’s platform design for integrating CPU and GPU cores onto the same chip. But HSA is more than AMD’s attempt to define an architecture for internal use, as was the case for Fusion. Rather HSA is an open specification that AMD wants the industry to adopt as the de facto platform for heterogenous computing…”

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What should I do when my computer can’t turn on ?

Your computer or laptop  just stops working one day without a warning and you can’t turn it on by pressing power button. It must be very scared by the thinking of data lost or buying a new computer. However, this phenomenon doesn’t always mean that your love computer want to be retired. Sometimes, this situation is simply that your machine is taking a rest and all you have to do is waking him up. If your computer is still under warranty, you just need to bring him to vendor’s store for fixing. But if the warranty period  was over, let’s try these steps before you bring it to a professional repairing service or go to store for a new computer.

  1. Check out your power cord or power adapter to be sure it is working
  2. Unplug the power cord from the outlet to avoid any electric shock
  3. Open the computer case with a suitable screwdriver
  4. Remove one device (e.g. RAM or hard drive) inside the compute case and then install it back. Do this job very carefully to avoid any physical damage.
  5. Plug the power cord to the outlet
  6. Press the power button to see if the computer works
  7. If it works, congratulate you since the problem is fixed. You will need to unplug the power cord, close the case, plug the cord back to the outlet, turn the computer on and start to work  🙂
  8. If it does not work, retry steps 3 – 5 with another device or same device untill you feel that you give up 😦

The devices that I mentioned in this instructions include RAM, hard drives, optical drives, all PCI devices and all power supplies of the devices inside the computer case. If you are not familiar with those devices, my advise is asking for a professional help. After trying all devices with failure, there is possible that the mainbroad or a device goes wrong. This method works for me several times. You can apply these steps for laptop also and remember to handle with care because laptop devices are smaller and easier to get damage. Good luck.

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